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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >>> thanks for joining us. breaking news u.s. k firefighters on the scene of an overnight fire that broke out in saratoga. katie marzullo is live. >> reporter: it appears the fire is out but the house is still smoldering. this is live now you can see the smoke still billowing out of the front of this house. good news this morning the house was vacant and under construction, nobody was home and nobody was inside to be injured. take a look at the flames. this was before 3:00 this morning when the fire broke out when firefighters arrived they say the fire was running through the attic and pretty much out of control. it had lept up into a large and weeping tree in front of the house that could have posed a threat to the other homes in the neighborhood. there's almost no wind at this hour or earlier when the fire wasser so that helped firefighters not to mention the fact that these lots are big and the hopes are fairly spaced apart that helped firefighters save the other homes. the other homeowners didn't have to be evacuated this morni
deemed us is push ? >> reporter: yes. -- because of the number of them there are were two or three fires that broke out in the same location at kelly park last night. take a look at some of that video from last night this was around 8:50. two to three fires are being called suspicious. they burned 8 to 12 acres couple different estimates before firefighters were able to bring those flames under control. not an official cause. officials as well as residents near this park acknowledge the homeless and homeless camps in the creek are a problem. >> homeless encampments are a problem in the creek areas too early to make a determination that it is a homeless encampment. it could be accidental for some unknown reason it could be intentional, too early to say. >> reporter: fire crews brought the flames under control after 10:30 last night no structures were damaged and no one was hurt. as you heard from mike, another hot one today in the 90s here in san jose, no doubt residents and people in general will be on high alert for fire danger today as well. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> 4:30 four in
thomas. breaking us in the east bay. several people have been sent to the hospital after a traffic accident on the island of alameda. >> police tell us they are all under 18. fran sting ding with the latest. -- frances dinglasan with the latest. >> it happened around 1:45 this morning. the investigators are heading to the scene right now island drive is closed south of robert davie, jr.. this is right along the alameda municipal golf course. is going to be shutdown until 10:00 this morning. we'll keep you posted. we'll also check out waze for you. traffic friday light so far. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll not affecting freeways on 880 and alameda oakland area. >>> in developing news, a few hours from now we expect to hear what happened in the moments leading up to a deadly horse racing accident at the alameda fair. lilian kim has the story from the fairgrounds. >> reporter: jorge herrera was riding in the time race of the day when he was then from his mount. herrera's horse 4-year-old morito clipped the heels of another horse, morito stumbled and herrera was left on the
: is it tuesday? thanks for joining us. >> eric: as often here in july in bay area we are seeing drizzle with a chance of showers. >> kristen: that drizzle means business this morning. >> here it is on live doppler 7hd. it's very widespread and very low total ground. it's just about everywhere this morning. the thickest being, came through the east bay hills. thicker than it was in san francisco but the closer you get to the coast, more like will you you are going to see some of that, likely you will see some of that drizzle. main low is up here. you can see a few lightning strikes out of the system. this is going to slide down to the north bay. this is going to bring with you a chance of showers. we'll have more on the forecast. >> good morning. slick roads is the key this morning and it is literally raining in san francisco. golden gate bridge coming out of waldo you find fog and the span is very wet this morning. we do have road work, the paving project between sir francis drake and waldo tunnel. earlier accident in san francisco on 280. that has been cleared. the road had something t
>>> thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. in los angeles three police officers are recovering this morning from minor injuries after being hurt during a a confrontation with occupy protesters. the protest began as part of a sidewalk chalk drawing demonstration advertised on facebook. police began moving 200 protesters from blogging the street before 10 p.m.. occupy protesters are claiming police shot rubber bullets there are reports of people throwing bottles and cans at police. it took hundreds of officers two hours to disperse the protesters, 16 people were with arrested on various charges. >>> back in san jose, some residents are frustrated by the rise in homeless encampments seven fires in kelly park in the past two weeks add together frustration nearby residents say the city has told officers not to remove the homeless there or cite them entitle may a memo was sent to the city council saying sjpd has halted all cleanup activities to ensure procedures are complying with state requirements. the city learned state law requires it to class fay and reco
alone. katie marzullo joins us. >> reporter: in a few hours james holmes could be in court his appearance set for 7:30 this morning. he does not have to be present in court. it is possible his attorney, a public defender, could show up alone for the proceeding. holmes will not be charged today. prosecutors have three days to file the charges there will be at least 71, one for each victim and probably more. authorities are no closer to knowing the motive. someone who knows holmes is speaking out the family pastor in san diego. >> he was a little on the quiet side. in one conversation it was obvious he was intelligent. he goals. going to be a professional. >> reporter: the police chief says holmes has lawyered up and not cooperating. as far as the stockpile of bullets at his home, 6,000 rounds were found. authorities say he bought them online which is unregulated. they say all of his purchases were legal. >>> this time there's an effort to make the names of the victims more memorable than the name of the suspect. they will -- they were honored last night. >> reporter: the turnout
tell us it was a huge fire. let's hear from the battalion chief part of the third alarm on this four alarm fire. >> it was huge. the building destroyed, closure building destroyed. bravo probably can be rebuilt it has destroyed two houses maybe even a third. >> reporter: that was the chief richard mcgee. we are just now arriving. the fire started at 3:00, it is now under control. several more firefighters and others at the scene we want to talk to. we expect to have more information as our newscast continues so stay with us as we stay on this developing story. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> san jose fire investigators say illegal fireworks are the likely cause of a small brushfire there. the blaze in the silver creek district broke out last night not far from homes. it was put out quickly only one acre. firefighters found these firecrackers at the scene witnesses reported seeing kids running away. >>> this morning police in east palo alto are warning anyone using illegal fireworks will be caught. police are using shot spotter technology to immediate track locations where fireworks ar
>>> 4:30 within. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze -- breaking news out of syria. top government official may have been kill overnight in a suicide attack. >> katie marzullo is live in our breaking news center with the latest. >> reporter: this is just coming from syria's state-run tv that the country's defense minister has been killed in a suicide blast in the capital. reuters is reporting the bomber worked as a bodyguard in the president's inner circle. right now we are not seeing video from this strike. the capital has seen four straight days of clashes. this is video from yesterday in hmos. this morning this morning's attack hit the billing in damascus during a meeting. some of those officials were seriously wounded. the fighting is an unprecedented challenge to president bashar assad. rebels are trying to bring down the regime by force. activists say more than 17,000 people have been kill since the uprising against assad began in march. 2011. today the u.n. security council is expected to vote on a new resolution to end this 17 month long civil w
for joining us i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze. what are your plans? raid, fireworks, barbecue? >> all of the above. >>> -- we focus in on san francisco where one of biggest fireworks' viewing area is. let's move down, watch as we head into the evening fog starts to roll in fact ceiling will be four to six hundred feet by 9:30 the entire bay covered in a thin layer of fog 58 to 55°. if you are farther away clear sky and a lot of fireworks. if you are heading to san francisco maybe obscured by the fog that is out there. should be able to see 'em. >>> very light on this independence day. a live shot of the bay bridge toll, a few headlights into the toll plaza if that is your drive, you should expect light conditions. mass transit today bart sunday schedule, muni and pretty much everyone on sunday and/or holiday schedule no ace train and no alameda harbor bay ferry service either. >>> we begin with developing news from the east bay. the search is on for four oakland children missing and may be in danger. siblings of a 3-year-old boy who was hospitalized this morning with injuries
. the police department was on the lookout for illegal gunshots. this year they used their spot shotter that can tell the difference between fireworks and gunshots. police say catching people who new jerseyly fire guns was a priority. -- who neglect skwrpbtsly fire guns was a priority. >>> 12:30 this morning officials say paramedics got there the man was unconscious and having trouble breathing. taken to the hospital. his condition not released. >>> 41-year-old man scheduled to make first court appearance in a fatal hit-and-run crash of a teen. investigators say his white pick-up truck crashed into the 17-year-old's pick-up monday. they say harmon left the scene and turned himself in 10 hours later. harmon claim the victim is to blame. investigators say his story doesn't match the evidence. >>> this morning the family of an armed domestic violence suspect shot and killed by vallejo police is asking if more could have been done to save his life. investigators say 44-year-old marshal tobin reached for a gun after getting out of a vehicle yesterday morning. police responded to reports of a
>>> it was a windshield wiper morning for me. we'll keep you posted. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. hundreds of new jobs are coming to san francisco the and officials from a major retailer this morning will announce the opening of a new store in union square. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco with a preview. who are we walking about? >> reporter: it is called unique glow. the world's fifth largest retailer going to come in over there think h & m going to be discounted clothes and right across from that store. this new store will bring 500 jobs to san francisco. the mayor will be making the announcement at city hall later this morning. this is the second store located in the united states. the first was opened in new york about a year ago. this will be the flagship west coast store. to show its commitment to san francisco, the japanese retailer clothing retailer will be donating $25,000 to the bay area chapter of the red cross. this is at powell and ellis across the street from h & m drumming up competition. competition is always good news, g
the ethics commission. amy hollyfield joins us live. >> reporter: busy week for them, yesterday a hearing at city hall today a courtroom at the hall of justice where they will ask a judge to lift that protective order so they could see each other. eliana lopez admitted yesterday before the ethics commission that one fight has sent her life into a disaster. she testified yesterday telling the commission that mirkarimi did cause the bruise on her arm. >> of course i was so angry he grabbed my arm in front of my son. >> why did that concern you? >> not only that, the profanity was worse for me. >> reporter: she says she doesn't think grabbing her arm is domestic violence. she told the panel she regrets making the video, neighbor showing the bruise on the video. on the video she says this is the second time this has happened. yesterday she said what she meant this is the second time they argued and mentioned getting a divorce not the second time he hurt her. she said she is looking forward to coming back to san francisco and reuniting with mirkarimi to reunite they have to get that protected
the farm site to be used as an open air lab. a group of occupy activists want to keep it undeveloped. they plan to rally ahead of a meeting tonight. >>> in the mendocino national forest a wildfire is threatening two dozen structures and has forced evacuation of nearby campgrounds. the fire has grown to 1200 acres it started saturday afternoon. mill valley, mill creek and campgrounds were all evacuated and closed. the cause of the fire still under investigation. there have been no injuries. containment was expected friday all that changed with the winds picking up. >>> this morning investigators in oakland are trying to determine the cause of a fire that injured a firefighter. flames broke out at a building in the downtown area yesterday morning. quick action had the blaze under control in less than half an hour. fire crews stopped the flames from spreading to neighboring buildings. a firefighter suffered burns to his hands and face. he was taken to the hospital. investigators say there have been other fires in that same building. they are calling the fire suspicious. >>> hospital off
twitching, he even used evidence bags placed over his hands by detectives as hand pup mets. holmes will be charged monday. that -- tahman bradley, abc news. >>> stay with us for the latest developments on the tragedy in colorado. we are updating developments on twitter. >>> gilroy police looking for the person or people who managed to steal more than $12,000 worth of tickets for this weekend's garlic festival. 1,000 tickets were taken between june 5th, and july 2nd. half were for adult admission and the other half for seniors and children. some of the tickets have been sold online. buyer beware, they will not be honored at the entrance gates. officials say there are large numbers on the tickets and they know which ones were stolen. >>> shame all around, including for the folks who spent the money to buy tickets online. >> police are on the scent, they will find out. >>> the scent is especially strong this weekend by then warm again. >> let's check in with mike. >> garlic ice cream may be good over the weekend, warmer. good morning temperatures on the decline, mainly dry so far this
flight it became the ultimate fright for those stuck in the sky. amy hollyfield joins us live with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. their ride is closed until further notice. they wanted to fly like superman, inted they needed superman. they were stuck in the air for -- for about two hours yesterday waiting for help, wondering what was going to happen to them. the one lucky thing is they were sitting upright they weren't dangling upside down. the fire department checked on them, gave them water but didn't take them down. firefighters said that was last thing they want dodd. the safest route down was having the coaster bring them down. firefighters told riders to try and shake the car lose -- the car loose. that didn't work. they had to sit in the sunshine and way >> it was amazing, crazy experience. it was shocking but gun at the same time. >> there was no mechanical situation whatsoever. >> reporter: finally, mechanics decided to shake the train themselves that worked, except it pushed it backward. once again big surprise for riders. the crews said that wa
and the vapor room on 8th street were praised as models. landlords received letters from the u.s. attorneys warning property diseasures and prison sentences if they were not closed. they're the 7th to close. maper - marijuana advocates will plan a march tomorrow evening. >> peer took two hours to put out. the building is slated to be a staging area for next year's american cup sailing race . welders were working and a smark got into a concrete wall and ignited the dry wood. >> water is smelling funky but officials say it will disapate. the smell is blamed on algae blossoming in the reservoirs including staford lake because of the warm sunny weather . crews have treated the reservoirs with algae killing chemicals. >> it tastes fun but is safe. >> time to look at the weather forecast. mike, what do you have for us? >> nothing funky over here but maybe you don't like the taste of warm weather. good news on doppler hd 7. marine layier is almost nonexistent. rain in southern california and that is going to stay to our south and east as high pressure is firmly entrenched not only for the better p
> thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. breaking news, two people dead following early morning apartment fire in martinez. fires are on the scene now. firefighters responded after 3:30 this morning. we are just getting word two people killed in an apartment fire in martinez this morning. stay with the abc7 morning news, amy hollyfield is head together scene and will bring a live update later. >>> developing news in oakland. a nearly 12 hour police standoff is over. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded a house on the 2300 block of east 24th street 3:00 yesterday afternoon when investigators tracked the pair of suspects who they say shot at a highway patrol officer last weekend. officers were on the scene until the standoff ended totalling 12 hours in the end one person was taken into custody. >>> oakland police also closed off streets around west grand and telegraph last night while she searched for a robbery suspect. the robbery was reported 8:30 in the 500 block of west grand. police told residents to stay in and others to avoid the area. protesters were walking t
rica thicaptioned by closed captioning services, inc. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze. right now the search is on for a suspected hit-and-run driver after an early morning crash involving two vehicles. the collision happened at lakeville road just after midnight. officers say the driver and the passenger car died at the scene. but, they haven't been able to find a driver of the pick-up. the person left the scene and could be injured. all lanes are reopened in that area that is the little bit of good news. drivers should use cue shun officers are still out there conducting the investigation. >>> courtroom battle begins today over thomas kincade's multi-million dollar estate. his wife and girlfriend both claim it belongs to them. amy hollyfield is live in san jose. >> reporter: good morning. two women in kincade's life both believe they have a right to his estate they are willing to fight it out in court in san jose today. thomas kincade died in april after drinking alcohol and taking valium. his mistress says
you for joining us i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze. >>> high temperatures, antioch and live more where we could reach 100 again ukiah and 90s around cloverdale, clear lake, fairfield all east bay valleys 80s fremont palo alto into south bay 70s oakland and san mateo and 60s around san francisco and out towards half moon bay. temperatures are going to run one to six degrees cooler than yesterday. east bay will have the poorest air quality. everybody else should be okay. but everybody is under the spare the air umbrella again today. >>> novato crash eastbound 37 at marsh, big rig drove off the freeway there's guardrail damage in the westbound direction, westbound 37 to 101 connection ramp closed due to roadwork. detours in place. we will check out the ride for you on 680 walnut creek. traffic light in contra costa county, no problems southbound still fog across the golden gate bridge and there was a fog advisory issued for highway 1 and 35 pacifica daly city that has been cancelled. >>> breaking news in oakland. a body has been found at a motel police are working to determine
>>> 4:31 on this thursday. as far as we are concerned it is friday eve. thanks for join us i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. >> how much did facebook's rocky ipo affect the company's bottom line. we may get the answer today when the company releases first earning statement since it went public. terry mcsweeney is live at facebook's headquarters. >> reporter: this a chance for facebook to prove continue investigators it can take its 900 million plus users and turn that into profits, big profits, one step at a time. this is the company as you mentioned it had a rough time during the initial public offering last month. it wants to show it can turn popularity into profits but not in a hurry. facebook says it is not going to be happening in a big hurry. in a filing last week the company says its mobile users continue out-pace the number of ads on its mobile platform and ads provide most of facebook's revenue. the number of mobile users is rising. analysts are expecting earnings of 12 cents per share on revenue of over a s -- over a billion dollars. facebook public may 18th. th
shoplifters who used pepper spray to make their getaway. works at a kohl's store seen the woman sprayed one of the employees in the face with pepper spray before taking off. the vehicle is registered to an owner in hayward with a california license plate: 6 viw 642. >>> police on the peninsula warning about sharp increase in burglaries this is video of one of five in the city of belmont. in the past month police turning to videos to track down criminals. cameras are proving to be valuable to investigators. police say nearly 1/3 of homes in belmont have cameras. police are building a database to help keep track of cameras across the city. the growing crime rate is not just in belmont police say other cities including daly city, palo alto and morgan hill. >>> police ramping up efforts to capture two sexual predators. one suspect wanted for assaulting a woman in the mission district last month that happened near 14th and mission. described as a black male between 20 and 25, 5'4, weighing 140 pounds. his accomplice hispanic male. if you recognize this man call the san francisco police departmen
us they are also aware. they plan to help facilitated their first amendment rights and to monitor the situation. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." >> eric: this morning, san jose authorities will take the first step in clearing out a homeless encampment in kel lef789 mark where suspicious fires have broken out the past two weeks. they battled this fire last tuesday and three other suspicious fires were set within a 12-hour period. warning signs will go up at 9:00 a.m. giving advance notice of the planned sweep of the encampment. they are hoping they will move their belongings out before then since the law requires them to store any property taken during the sweep. >> kristen: federal san francisco investigators are trying to figure out how someone cut in a secure facility. it's located on twin peaks. they noticed the damage yesterday. they cut a small portion of the chain link fence though they never got inside. >> all the vital services that we employ to the city were not impacted. >> kristen: this facility is one of the broadcast points for police, fire and other city radio communic
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